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Account Management

A simple fact in todays volatile global market place. Shareholder confidence is on the wane, operating costs are increasing as employee expectations rise and land prices escalate and its becoming more difficult to convince clients of the underlying value of your offerings. So how can you achieve financial excellence in these turbulent conditions? Optimization of effective financial processes through accurate financial reporting enabling operating cost control, accelerated cash flow, and diminished risk is essential for you to successfully execute business strategy to meet objectives. It is the foundation of financial excellence.

Our Account Management Enables You to:

Our iERP Accounting management module having the follwing items to maintain your Accounting functions.

  • Drive Efficiencies
  • Manage Risk
  • Drive Sustainable Growth
  • Attain Financial Operational Excellence-Reduce costs, improve efficiency, integrate new ventures and enter worldwide markets on a standard platform pertaining to universal accounting standards.
  • Standardize Performance Management: Superlative financial consolidation and reporting, predictability of deliverables and increased turnover using integrated business planning and forecasting tools.

Modules of Account Management(1)

  • General Ledger Management

    Our General Ledger helps the organization in managing their operations efficiently by providing all accounting reports for quick decision making & financial control. General Ledger is integrated with all other modules linking transaction related to customers, supplier, departments, employees and inventories. This makes all the information available from various locations in one repository..
  • Accounts Payable Management

    Keeping the organization in good standing with the suppliers, iERP Accounts Payable automates many events like system generated payments schedule, selective payments and post-dated cheques as per the predefined policies with online approval for prompt payments. Features are available to enter debit note / credit note in dual mode, cancellations, adjustments and prepaid expenses by having total control over payables.
  • Accounts Receivable Management

    Accounts Receivable facilitates collection planning and automatic schedules along with collection history to track and analyse the customers. It is possible to handle automatic offsets and analyse sales performance with receivables tracking for each salesperson, sales territory, including commissions, commissioned sales, non-commissioned sales, and cost of sales information with multi currency support and full control over the receivables process.


  • Fixed Assets

    Our Fixed Asset Management, it is easy to handle complete cycle of fixed asset management. User can simply track the assets details by group, category, location, responsible department, sharing departments and assets usage history. Supports two depreciation methods (financial & non-financial) and comes with features such as cost addition, revaluation, expiration and disposal of assets. Each asset has an asset ID listing historical transactions for easy traceability.
  • Cash Management

    iERP Cash Management system provides timely processing of payments / receipts against invoices or any other advices through cheque / DD / Bank Transfers / cash and allows reconciling bank accounts with financial accounts quickly and easily. Miscellaneous transactions such as Bank charges, Interest and Loan instalments are also processed appropriately.
  • Taxation

    Taxation, both direct and indirect is an integral part of any organization. It specifies methods & procedures for valuations and tax calculations. Any changes done by the Government in the taxation structure such as computation logic and slab can be easily implemented in the system through configurable formula based calculation methodology.